Terms & Conditions

1.) Unless otherwise specified in the Seller’s quotation, the terms of payment will be net cash 30 days from date of shipment, subject to credit approval by Seller’s credit department.  Payment terms that have been negotiated between Seller and Buyer will be outlined in the quotation prepared by the Seller.  In cases where the shipment of a completed product is delayed at the request of the Buyer, Seller reserves right to issue the invoice for the product as of the date it becomes ready for shipment. 

2.) Prices do not include any sales, use, excise, property or other such taxes, or duties, that may be levied on the transaction by local, provincial, federal or foreign governments.  Any taxes/duties Seller is required to collect from the Buyer will be added to the invoice or billed separately to the Buyer.

3.) All prices/brand of the product are subject to change without notice at any time and are based in part on the applicability of Sales Agreement set forth herein.  Should the Buyer desire other or different terms, the prices may be adjusted accordingly.  Prices are those in effect at the time the order is received at Bioport Solutions, Delhi. Prices for any product, including shipping charges, if applicable, are outlined on a quotation prepared by the Seller.  If Buyer should delay shipment beyond the original contract date, the prices charged will be those in effect at the time the shipment is made. 

Seller reserves the right to cancel Buyer’s order in the event that

(a) any government price regulation, schedule or ceiling prescribes a price lower than Seller’s price as established in the order acknowledgment or in any way prevents Seller from purchasing or otherwise acquiring any commodity or service necessary to the performance of the order, or in any way prevent Seller from adjusting its prices when the cost of any such commodity or service is increased, and

(b), in the event of any of the major change in economic conditions renders Seller’s performance unprofitable.

4.) Prices and figure that appear in the Catalog are indicative only.

5.) All disputes are subject to Delhi jurisdiction only.