Scope of Work:-

Sample Requirement:

Submit 2-3 μg of RNA free DNA, NanoDrop A260/280 ratio >1.9 or above; A260/230=2.0-2.2; and at a concentration of ~50-100 ng/μl. 

Sample QC:

 RNA free NGS grade gDNA isolation will be carried out using a commercially available DNA isolation kit.

 Further quality checking will be carried out using agarose electrophoresis and NanoDrop. Quantification will be carried out using Qubit 3.0 fluorometer.

Library Preparation:

 The amplicon libraries will be prepared using 16S rDNA gene specific primers for Bacteria and

indexing using Nextera XT Index Kit.

 Library validation will be carried out using High Sensitivity D1000 Screen tape using Agilent Tape

station kit.


 Prepared library will be sequenced using 2 x 300 bp paired end sequencing using latest sequencing chemistry on Illumina MiSeq.

 Delivery of data - as per your requirement.

Bioinformatics Analysis:-

 Quality filtration of data

 QIIME Analysis

 Pie charts for each taxonomic class

 Heat map

 abundance and identification of microbial community

 Taxa identification

 Rarefaction curve and alpha diversity

 Comparative analysis

 Beta diversity (PCoA Plot) (if more than 3 samples)

 Krona plot

 Comprehensive report with publication standard methodology, graphs and tables.

 Support/Submission of the data in NCBI as per requirement.

{ Price may change significantly. Please contact for details and discount.}

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16srRNA based Metagenomics

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